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 1001 Nacht
 Antique Cars
 Ball Crawl
 Balloon Race
 Bumper Boats
 Cub Cars
 Flying Tigers
 Flying Turns
 Giant Wheel
 Grand Carousel
 Hand Cars
 Haunted Mansion
 High Speed Thrill Coaster
 Italian Trapeze
 Jet Sky Fighters
 Kiddie Boats
 Kiddie Bumper Cars
 Kiddie Ferris Wheel
 Kiddie Whip
 Merry Mixer
 Merry-Go-Round #2
 Motor Boats
 Ol' Smokey Train
 Panther Cars
 Pioneer Train
 Power Surge
 Red Baron
 Rockin' Tug
 Scenic Skyway
 Sky Slide
 Space Walk
 Spanish Bambini
 Super Round Up
 Tea Cups
 Umbrella Ride

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