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Overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? Tired of trying to find the needle in the haystack? At ParkInfo2Go, we understand and want to help! 30+ years combined IT experience, a serious love of amusement parks and the need to weed out the small stuff are the driving forces behind our web site. We are committed to providing you with the most concise and comprehensive one stop shop about major amusement and theme parks across the United States. Meticulous research and careful compilation are the building blocks upon which ParkInfo2Go rests, bestowing you with everything you need to know from coasters to kid rides succinctly.
The magic continues with the planned release of our finest feature to date the Customized Ride Guide. A hand held customized guide to the park of your choice, printable at home, will be produced following the submission of your childrens. height information. Utilizing this information the Ride Guide will provide a breakdown of what your children can and cannot ride. This will take out the guess work and allow you to perfectly plan your visit.

Forget the small stuff. ParkInfo2Go knows you just want to have fun!

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