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 Beaver Land Mine Ride
 Bellaire Express
 Big Dipper
 Black Squid
 Boardwalk Typhoon
 Dino Island II: Escape from Dino Island
 Double Loop
 El Dorado
 Ferry Boats
 Hay Baler
 Head Spin
 Merry Oldies
 Pirate's Flight
 Raging Wolf Bobs
 Sky Scraper
 Starcastle Voyage
 Steel Venom
 Texas Twister
 Thriller Bees
 Thunder Alley Speedway
 Time Warp
 Turbo Bungee
Happy Harbor
 Happy Harbor Nets
 June Bug Jump
 The Tea Party
Kidworks Playzone
 Dippy Divers
 Gotcha Games Foam Factory
 Half Pint Express
 Hot Air Express
 Mad Whirl
 Road Rally
 Rocket Relay
 Rocket Relay
 Rocket Sled Ride
 Tree Hopper

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