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 5 Unit Trampoline
 Artic Circle Himalaya
 Balloon Ferris Wheel
 Balloon Ride
 Bumper Cars
 Candy House Bounce
 Convy Race
 Dragon Wagon
 Family Roller Coaster
 Free Fall
 Funtown Family Coaster
 Giant Ferris Wheel
 Go Kart Track
 Haunted Manor
 Jr. Flume Ride
 Jr. Go Kart Raceway
 Jumpin' Star
 Kiddie Bumper Boats
 Kiddie Himalaya
 Lady Bugs
 Loop Roller Coaster
 Merry Go Round
 Mini Bumper Cars
 Mini Dragon Ride
 Pokemaze Play Area
 Rio GrandeTrain
 Safari Cars
 Spider Ride
 Sponge Bob Ride
 Starship 2000
 Tea Cup Ride
 Tower of Fear
 Water Bumper Boats

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Blue Line
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