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Camp Snoopy
 Ballon Race
 Camp Bus
 Lolli Swing
 Peanuts 500
 Red Baron
 Tilt A Whirl
 Woodstock Express
Frontier Trail
 Millennium Force
 Thunder Canyon
 Antique Cars
 Cedar Creek Mine Ride
 Mean Streak
 Snake River Falls
 Wave Swinger
 White Water Landing
Jr. Gemini Children;s Area
 Bumper Boats
 Frog Hopper
 Jr. Gemini
 Rock, Spin & Turn
 Space Age
Kiddy Kingdom
 Dune Buggies
 Hot Rods
 Kiddy Kingdom Carousel
 Krazy Kars
 Old Timers
 Police Cars
 Roto Whip
 Sir Rub-A-Dub's Tub
 Sky Fighters
Laser Show Midway
 Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad
 Iron Dragon
Main Midway
 Blue Streak
 Cadillac Cars
 Cedars Downs Racing Derby
 Demon Drop
 Midway Carousel
 Sky Ride
 Turnpike Cars
 Top Thrill Dragster
Peanuts Playground
 Peanuts Express
Planet Snoopy
 Flying Ace Balloon Race
 Kite Eating Tree
 Peanuts Road Rally
 Snoopy's Deep Sea Divers
 Snoopy's Express Railroad
 Snoopy's Space Race
 Woodstock's Whirlybirds
Top Thriill Dragster Midway
 Magnum XL-200
 Paddlewheel Excursions
 Power Tower - Space Shot
 Power Tower - Turbo Drop
 Super Himalaya
 Witches' Wheel
Wicked Twister Midway
 Disaster Transport
 Giant Wheel
 Ocean Motion
 Space Spiral
 Wicked Twister

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