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 Adventure Quest Adult Raceway
 Adventure Quest Junior Raceway
 Barn Stormer
 Blackbeard's Bounce
 Bug Out
 Bugs of the Jungle
 Buzzby's BeeHive
 Century Wheel
 Climbing Wall
 Crazy Bus
 Critter Crawl
 Crop Duster
 Double Shot
 Fiesta Express
 Fly Swatter
 Free Whale
 Frog Hopper
 Geronimo Skycoaster
 Gold Rush
 Jeep Ride
 Kite Flyer
 Mystery Maze
 Nick and Nack Smash Attack
 Pharaoh's Fury
 Power Surge
 Renegade Pirate Ship
 Rio Grande Train
 Safari Train Adventure
 Swamp Thing
 Swingin Safari
 The Gauntlet
 The Inverter
 Tiger Terror
 Turbo Theater
 Turtle Race
 Venus Fly Trap
 Watt's Wee Wagons
 Ant Farm Express
 Bee Bop
 Shoo Fly ... Shoo Carousel
 Whiffs Safari

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