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Center of the Park
 Bumper Cars
 Frog Hopper
 Kiddie Train
 Lil' Guppy
 Mild Thing
 Minnesota River Valley Railroad
 Power Tower
Center of the Tub
 Rub-A-Dub Tubs
Challenge Park
 Bumper Boats
 Go Karts
East Side
 Antique Autos
 Busy Boats
 Ferris Wheel
 Flying Trapeze
 Hot Air Balloons
 Kiddie Carousel
 Moon Buggies
 Steel Venom
 The Wave
 Thunder Canyon
Midway Games
 Rip Tide
North Side
 Bumble Bees
 Foam Ball Factory
 High Roller
 KidWorks Railway
 Mad Mouse
 Rockin' Tug
 Wood Line Express
 Xtreme Swing
South Side
 Wild Thing
West Side
 Looping Starship
 Wheel of Fortune

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Blue Line
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