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 Space Shuttle America
 Sponge Bob Squarepants 4-D
 Boomtown Depot
 Mine Train
 Texas Tornado
Goodtimes Square
 Bumper Cars
 Judge Roy Scream
 Texas Chute Out
Gotham City
 Batman The Ride
 Mr. Freeze
Mexico & Spain
 El Aserradero
 El Sombrero
 La Vibora
Old South & France
 Runaway Mountain
 Chaparral Antique Cars
 Texas Depot
 Texas Depot
 Texas Giant
 Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure
Tower Section
 Dive Bomber Alley
 Oil Derrick
 Roaring Rapids
 Shock Wave
 Six Flags Speedway Go Karts
 Superman Tower of Power
USA & Looney Tunes USA
 Looney Tunes USA
 Mini Mine Train
 Silver Star Carousel
 Splash Down

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