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 Bugs Bunny World
 Free Fall
 Georgia Cyclone
Bugs Bunny World
 Bugs Bunny's Playfort
 Santa Maria
 Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster
Bugs Bunny World Theatre
 Bugs Bunny's Block Party
 Confederate Sky Buckets
 Dahlonega Mine Train
 Marthasville Railroad Station
Cotton States
 Dodge City Bumper Cars
 Fearless Freeps Dare Devil Dive
 Hanson Cars
 Ladder Climb
 Miner's Challenge/Cliff Hanger
 Rockin' Tug
 Superman Ultimate Flight
 The Great American Scream Machine
 The Riverview Carousel
 Up, Up & Away
Crystal Pistol Music Hall
 Red Hot Country
DeeJay's Diner
 Let the Good Times Roll
Drive In Theatre
 Lolly Pop!
 Betazone Virtual Reality
 Monster Plantation
 Rabun Gap Railroad Station
 The Deer Park Plunge
 The Georgia Scorcher
Gotham City
 Batman The Ride
 Gotham City Crime Wave
 Mind Bender
 Turbo Bungy
 Deja vu
 Go Karts
 Lickskillet Sky Buckets
 Splash Water Falls
 Thunder River
Lickskillet Stage
 Wild West Comedy Gunfight Show
Mariner's Cove
 Surf Island
 Great Gasp
 Looping Starship
 Shake Rattle & Roll
 Virtual Quest Interactive

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