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 Batman vs. Catwoman: Catfight
 Six Flags Dolphin Discovery Exhibit
 Summer Celebration Parade
 Warner Bros. Kids Club
 World of Magic
 Alcatraz the Ride
 Dare Devil Dive
 Great American Road Race
 Great American Scream Machine
 Parachute Training Center, Edwards AFB Jump Tower
 Sponge Bob Squarepants 3-D Ride Simulator
 Superman Ultimate Flight
 The Twister
Bugs Bunny Land
 Bugs Bunny Land
Fantasy Forest
 Big Wheel
 Enchanted Tea Cups
 Flying Wave
 Houdini's Great Escape
Frontier Adventures
 Rodeo Stampede
 Rolling Thunder
 Runaway Mine Train
 Saw Mill Log Flume
 Sky Ride
 Taz Twister
 Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train
 Fantasy Fling
 Jolly Roger
 Skull Mountain
 The Buccaneer
Looney Tunes Seaport
 Congo Rapids
 Koala Canyon
 Looney Tunes Seaport
 Poland Springs Plunge
 Batman & Robin: The Chiller
 Batman The Ride
 Stuntman's Freefall
Old Country
 Movietown Water Effect
 Musik Express
 Spin Meister

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