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 Batman Thrill Spectacular
 Crazy Karaoke
 Diamond in the Rough!
 Kickin' Up Country
 Looney Tunes - We GOT the Beat!
 The Amazing Chinese Acrobats!
 Two Face: The Flip Side
Coyote Creek
 Los Coches Chocos
 Renegade Rapids
 The Mind Eraser
 The Rodeo
 The Tilt
Gotham City
 Alpine Bobs
 Krypton Comet
 Riddle Me This
 Superman's Ride of Steel
 The Joker's Jinx
 The Penguin's Blizzard River
Looney Tunes Movie Town
 Bugs Bunny's Back Lot Trucking Company
 Circus of the Stars
 Daffy's Movie Town Tours
 Elmer's Around the World in 80 Days
 Foghorn Leghorn's Tinsel Town Train
 Looney Tunes Prop Warehouse
 Pepe Le Pew's Tea Party
 Sylvester's Pounce & Bounce
 Taz's Film Works
 The Animation Department
 The Great Chase
 Yosemite Sam's Hollywood Flight School
 Iron Eagle
 Shipwreck Falls
 The Octopus
Olde Boston
 Around the World in 80 Days
 Flying Carousel
 Great Race Antique Cars
 Tea Cups
Skull Island
 High Seas
 Pirate's Flight
 Typhoon Sea Coaster
Southwest Territory
 Falling Star
 The Wild One
 Tower of Doom

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