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 American Pop
 Batman Thrill Spectacular
 Boat Docks
 Bugs Bunny and Friends Goin' Hollywood
 Grizzly Run
 Mind Eraser
 Orange County Choppers Motocoaster
 Poland Spring Plunge
 Rockin' Country
 Shipwreck Falls
 Superman Ride of Steel
Looney Tunes Seaport
 Bugs Carrot Cans
 Daffy's Drivers
 Elmer Fudd's Tiny Tooter Railroad
 Foghorn's Coastal Delivery
 Michigan J. Frog's Ferris Wheel
 Pepe's Rafts of Romance
 Rabbit Transit
 Seaport Weather Ballons
 SS Looney Tunes
 Typhoon Taz
 Bear Valley Bumper Buggies
 Giant Wheel
 Grand Prix Speedway
 Grande Carousel
 Raging Seas
 Rodeo Round-Up
 Silver Bullet
 Sky Coaster
 Sleigh Ride
 Tin Lizzys

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Blue Line
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