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 Auto Scooter
 Bumper Cars
 Crazy Mouse
 Derby Racer
 Double Shot
 Dragon Coaster
 Dream Machine
 Flying Witch
 Gondola Wheel
 House of Mirrors
 Kiddy Carousel
 Kite Flyer
 Log Flume
 Mind Scrambler
 Playland Plunge
 Power Surge
 Sea Dragon
 Starship 2000
 The Whip
 Thunder Bolt
 Ye Old Mill
 Zombie Castle
 Antique Cars
 Arctic Flume
 Crazy Submarine
 Demolition Derby
 Family Flyer
 Flying Dragon
 Fun Slide
 Himalaya Ride
 Jum; 'N' Bean
 Jungle Jammin'
 Kiddy Boat Ride
 Kiddy Coaster
 Kiddy Whip
 Kiddyland Bumper Cars
 Mini Scrambler
 Motor Cycle Jump
 Pirate Ship
 Playland Express
 Red Barron
 Sky Skater
 Slime Bucket
 Sun & Moon
 Swing Around
 The Convoy
 Up, Up & Away

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