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 Days of Thunder
 Granny Sweets Garden
 Junior Jump Club
 Launch Pad
 Mr. Peebles Pet Shop
 Mystery Club Inc. Ghost Chase
All American Corrners
All American Plaza
 Flying Eagles
 Loggers Run
 Rip Roaring Rapids
 Spongebob Squarepants 3-D
County Fair
 Drop Zone Stunt Tower
 Eagles Flight
 Psycho Mouse
 The Grizzly
 Thunder Raceway
Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay
 H.M.B. Endeavor
Festival Plaza
 Barney Oldfield Speedway
Hollywood Plaza
 Carousel Columbia
 Celebration Swings
 Star Tower
 White Water Falls
 Xtreme Skyflyer
 Cartoon Carousel
 Fender Bender 500
 KidZ Air
 KidZ Construction Company
 Pixie & Dixie Swingset
 Taxi Jam
 Top Cats Car Lot
Nickelodeon Central
 Dora's Dune Buggies
 Rugrats Runaway Reptar
 Spongebob Boatmobiles
 Wild Thornberry's Rain Maze
 Wild Thornberry's Treetop Lookout
Orleans Place
 Delta Flyer
 Rue le Dodge
 Top Gun

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