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Adventure Pier
 Apache Helicopters
 Chamber of Checkers
 Chance Carousel
 Climbing Wall
 Curse of the Mummy
 Grand Prix Raceway
 Great White
 High Flyer
 Jersey Junkyard
 Mini Scrambler
 Screamin' Swing
 Shark Bite
 Sky Ride
 Snake Slide
 Wacky Whip
Mariner's Landing Pier
 Balloon Race
 Can Am Raceway
 Climbing Wall
 Crazy Bus
 Giant Wheel
 Jack in th e Box
 Kiddie Boats
 Kiddie Swings
 Kite Flyer
 Mini Scooters
 Moby Dick
 Musik Express
 Paddle Boats
 Pink Elephants
 Pirates of the Wildwoods
 Rollie's Coaster
 Sea Dragon
 Sea Serpent
 Seal Flume
 Sky Cycle
 Sky Ships
 Sunny C. Gull's Lookout Lighthouse
 Super Scooters
 Tea Cups
 Wave Swinger
Surfside Pier
 Baby Venice
 Balloon Race
 Dante's Dungeon
 Demolition Derby
 Doo Wopper
 Dune Buggies
 Formula One Raceway
 Giant Slide
 Jump Around!
 Kiddie Train
 Mini Scooters
 Mini Tea Cups
 Rock and Roll
 Rockin' Tug
 Shark Bite
 Sky Coaster
 Space Maze
 Super Scooters
 The Great Nor'Easter
 Zoom Phloom

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