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Cops seek witnesses of attack

Orlando Sentinel

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August 24, 2007

Bay Lake - Orange County sheriff's investigators said Thursday that they hope to find more witnesses to an attack at the teacup ride at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom earlier this year.

Victoria Walker, 51, faces felony battery charges based on accusations she attacked Aimee Krause of Clermont because she thought the other woman had skipped her place in line for the Mad Tea Party on May 27. Krause, then 34, was jumped from behind and suffered serious injury to her head and neck.

Walker, who lives in Anniston, Ala., is scheduled to go on trial Oct. 29. She had pleaded not guilty.

Deputies found several witnesses to the attack in the days following the attack. However, they are interested in interviewing anyone else who saw the scuffle.

Witnesses can call 407-939-3200 and ask for Detective Kelly Boaz.

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