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Six Flags Guest Satisfaction Hits All-Time Highs In July, Parks' Busiest Month

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August 13, 2007

NEW YORK, Aug. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Six Flags, Inc. (SIX - news) announced today that its guest approval ratings for July, the busiest month on the operating calendar, hit all-time highs in several categories for the 2nd consecutive month.

The company also continues to receive consistently high marks from its guests for the enforcement of its new non-smoking and Guest Code of Conduct policies.

"This is an indication that even as attendance levels are at the year's peak, guest satisfaction with the overall Six Flags park environment -- including rides, cleanliness, safety, guest service and character presence -- is stronger than ever," said Six Flags President and CEO Mark Shapiro. "The investments we've made in improving the park experience are clearly making a difference, and maintaining this high level of guest satisfaction is critical to our growth strategy."

The surveys were conducted by independent firm Delta Market Research of Hatboro, Pennsylvania, a nationally recognized company which has researched all aspects of the theme park industry for companies including The Walt Disney Company.

The following key categories were ranked at all-time highs by park guests in July 2007:

-- Overall visit;
-- Park cleanliness;
-- Employee service;
-- Ride safety;
-- Best roller coasters and thrill rides;
-- Variety of entertainment in the park;
-- Character presence in the park.

The results reflect input from guests at 14 Six Flags branded locations, and in addition all individual parks received dramatically higher scores over last year in a number of survey categories.

For example, respondents who visited Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA, gave the park significantly higher ratings for categories including:

-- Overall satisfaction;
-- Value for the money;
-- Employee service;
-- Park cleanliness;
-- Overall park safety;
-- Variety of entertainment in the park;
-- Roller coasters and thrill rides;
-- The park's new "Shouka" killer whale show.

Shapiro continued, "These results support our strategy of devoting resources to improving the entire guest experience. The investment we've made in our parks over the last two years will enable us to market a better in-park experience and a stronger brand that will translate into significant word of mouth and position us long-term for increased attendance, higher spending guests, and increased advertising. We are committed to continuing to build Six Flags' reputation as a premier entertainment destination."

Six Flags, Inc. is the world's largest regional theme park company. Founded in 1961, Six Flags celebrated its 45th Anniversary in 2006. Six Flags, Inc. is a publicly traded corporation (SIX - news) headquartered in New York City.

For over 30 years, Delta Market Research Inc. has been a nationally recognized market research company, and for over 10 years has researched all aspects of the theme park industry for companies including Disney and Six Flags. Delta has also conducted research projects for GMAC, DiTech, Lowes, ConAgra, Rohm and Haas, United Way of America and the NFL.

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