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Soarin' lines to see games

Orlando Sentinel

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July 09, 2007

Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park has unveiled its new, interactive video games for visitors waiting in line to ride Soarin'.

The games opened last week, offering a test of emerging entertainment technology produced by Walt Disney Imagineering. Using motion-detection equipment, heat sensors and computer-generated videos shown on huge screens, the games allow groups of strangers to play games together while waiting in line.

In a demonstration Thursday, one crowd was so caught up in trying to lead an animated bird through a computer-animated forest that many of the people did not notice for several minutes that a large gap had opened in the line in front of them.

The bird, and the characters in other games, are computer-directed based on which direction people lean, and many people were yelling, in unison, "lean left!" and "lean right!" while trying to lead the bird through the forest.

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