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Thomas and friends debut at theme park

Vallejo Times-Herald

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June 27, 2007

A tall archway marks the entrance to a world of a talking train and a magical land at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

In the past, this world could be found only in books and on television shows. That changed Tuesday morning with the official opening of Thomas Town, the newest addition at Vallejo's theme park.

Nestled between the park's walrus and shark exhibits, the new area features three rides based on the popular children's character Thomas the Tank Engine. The attraction is geared to visitors age 7 and under, said Nancy Chan of Six Flags.

Supporting cast

Besides Thomas, Bertie the Bus and Harold the Helicopter are on hand to offer rides. Bertie swings riders back and forth like a giant see-saw.

The Thomas train ride takes visitors on a leisurely trip around the area, passing Tidmouth Shed and other places of interest from the children's stories, as well as signs featuring Thomas trivia.

The new area, which has been open to the public since last Wednesday, aims to recreate Thomas' storybook home of Sordor Island. Construction began in January.

"(Thomas Town) is a step up in theming for the park. ... When you step inside, you are really on Sordor Island," park director Pat Clancy said.

A souvenir shop inside the train station features Thomas-themed shirts, books and toys.

"This is the only thing like it in the western U.S.," said park representative Captain Lee. "The only other place in the U.S. that has a Thomas Town is our sister park on the East Coast."

"Thomas Town follows squarely in line with what Discovery Kingdom wants to do, become a national leader in family entertainment," park president Martin Lathrop said. "We feel strategically that family fun and entertainment is what we want to do."

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