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More than 14000 Zippin Pippin riders over weekend

San Antonio Express

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June 02, 2011

A replica of Elvis Presley's favorite roller coaster is proving to be very popular in Green Bay.

Officials say the Zippin Pippin roller coaster generated more than 14,000 riders over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Mayor Jim Schmitt says that is more than double the average ridership level needed to meet the city's projections for the new wooden roller coaster at Bay Beach Amusement Park.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette reports that about 2,000 riders daily on average are needed to reach the city's goal of 200,000 throughout the season. It opened May 21.

The city spent about $3.5 million to re-create the wooden roller coaster that operated for decades in Memphis, Tenn., and was well-known as Elvis Presley's favorite amusement park ride.


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