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Ohio's Cedar Point confident this year's new ride will open on time

Greenfield Daily Reporter

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April 22, 2011

Northern Ohio's Cedar Point amusement park is working to avoid a repeat of the delays that plagued last year's big new ride.

Cedar Point general manager John Hildebrandt tells the Sandusky Register he's confident that the upcoming season's major new attraction — the WindSeeker — will open on time.

The debut of last year's Shoot the Rapids water ride came a month late because its boats didn't fit properly and had to be modified.

The WindSeeker will spin riders 300 feet above the ground at speeds reaching 30 mph. Cedar Point wants to have it ready for a fundraiser on May 13, one day before the park opens for the season.

Kings Island, Cedar Point's sister park in southwest Ohio, also is completing work on a new WindSeeker ride.


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