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Clydesdale born at Busch Gardens

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April 06, 2011

Busch Gardens' newest attraction arrived just after midnight Tuesday — the first ever Clydesdale to be born at the Williamsburg amusement park.

The so-far unnamed colt was born to mother, Panola, at the park's Highland Stables, said Kevin Crossett, a Busch Gardens spokesman. He said the stables remained closed to the public Tuesday to allow the mother and foal to bond and be checked medically. The colt made its first public appearance Wednesday afternoon at the park's Highland Stables pasture, Crossett said.

Even though Busch Gardens has long been associated with the massive work horses made famous by decades of iconic Budweiser advertisements, the birth was a milestone.

Crossett said previous Clydesdale births took place at an off-site location and the animals were brought to the park months later. But that site is no longer park property after previous owner Anheuser Busch InBev sold off the company's amusement park interests last year, he said.

The new Clydesdale will remain at the park and "will be out as much as possible," Crossett said.

The Highland Stables, in the park's Scottish village, were redesigned in 2010 to better reflect a working farm. Crossett said several lambs have been born there within the past couple of weeks and now the Clydesdale.

"I don't know how much more of a working farm you can get," Crossett said.


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