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Cheetah cub adopted by Florida theme park

Seattle Post Intelligencer

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March 28, 2011

A month-old, two-pound cheetah cub is being raised by hand by animal experts at the Busch Gardens theme park.

The still-unnamed cub took an unusual journey to the Tampa park. He was born at the Jacksonville Zoo, but his mother couldn't care for him because she is older and cannot produce milk. Shortly after birth, he wasn't eating and lost weight, so the zoo sent him to Busch Gardens, where he is being cared for around-the clock.

Once the baby is strong and old enough, he will join a group of cheetahs in a new habitat that will soon open at the park. The cub could also be part of a cheetah breeding program.

A Busch Gardens spokeswoman says there are about 12,400 cheetahs in the wild.


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