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Silverwood To Hire 1200 Seasonals

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March 16, 2011

Nancy DiGiammarco of Silverwood Theme Park issued this news release: “Every summer hundreds of thousands of guests flock to Silverwood Theme Park expecting to have good family fun and none of that would be possible without a happy, well trained staff to greet them. This year Silverwood is going to hire and train up to 1,200 hundred seasonal positions at the park. This is especially daunting as that task includes filling positions ranging from ride operators, lifeguards, food and beverage workers, housekeepers, retail positions to games employees and more.  The park looks for all levels of experience from youth seeking that first job to more seasoned job seekers wanting a fun yet hard working environment.  Positions from entry level to supervisorial are available and include a first class training program that prepares each employee to meet and exceed the expectations of the many different positions and experience levels here at the park.”

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