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Cheetah Hunt roller coaster trains arrive at Busch Gardens in Tampa

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February 28, 2011

Busch Gardens in Tampa is making rapid progress on its Cheetah Hunt roller coaster, which is slated to officially open on May 27. Recently they released a video of track pieces being laid into place, and today they offered up a video of the coaster trains being unloaded from their containers. Now they just have to undergo some theming to add cheetah faces to their fronts and add other graphics, and they'll be ready to put on the track. Next comes the testing, and then, hopefully, the grand opening (and perhaps even soft openings beforehand although that is pure speculation).

The trains consists of four four-passenger cars with over-the-shoulder restraints to make sure you're nice and secured in the heart line roll. They will each hold 16 guests.

Cheetah Hunt is being coupled with the Cheetah Run habitat, where guests can see real live cheetahs demonstrate their signature speed.

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