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New ride will spin at Lake Compounce

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January 09, 2011

 The Revolution is coming to Lake Compounce.

The amusement park announced the name of its new rocking, spinning thrill ride on Monday.

The newest ride on the north midway will be The Rev-O-Lution.

Fans of Lake Compounce picked between two names — The-Rev-O-Lution, and Spin Cycle, said Jerry Brick, the park’s general manager.

The contest wasn’t even close, with 60 to 70 percent of the respondents picking The Rev-O-Lution.

More than 1,000 votes were cast, said Brick, and while the contest raged, the park’s marketing department designed a logo for each name. Now they’re trying to figure out a theme for the ride.

The park has the permits and plans to begin work on the foundation for the new ride next week. Located near kiddieland, it is expected to debut in May.

“We had a third name, but it was trademarked,” said Brick. That name, Vortex, is already on a roller coaster somewhere and couldn’t be duplicated, said Brick.

The Rev-O-Lution will take the place of the Rotor, a ride that held up to eight people in a silo-like enclosure. As it spun, people were pinned to the walls with centrifugal force and the floor dropped out from under their feet.

The fate of the Rotor is unclear. It may be refurbished and moved to another park or sold. Because of its limited capacity, Brick said it’s unlikely to return to Lake Compounce.

“Right now it’s packed away in trailers,” said Brick. “It’s well past its time. I just don’t see it fitting in our park anymore.”

In 2010, Lake Compounce, the nation’s oldest amusement park, completed its 165th season. It is owned by Parques Reunidos of Spain.


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