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Walt Disney World ends Block Party Bash at Disney's Hollywood Studios


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January 02, 2011

On Jan. 1, guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios saw the last performance of Block Party Bash, the park’s afternoon parade. The parade had been featured at the Walt Disney World theme park since being transplanted from Disney California Adventure Park in spring 2008.

Block Party Bash was billed as a 35-minute street party that featured acrobatic entertainment and a cast of over 20 Disney-Pixar characters from such films as “Toy Story,” “A Bug’s Life,” “Monsters, Inc.” and “The Incredibles.” Trampolines, rotating stages, flying Nerf balls, and a dance marathon were all part of the parade fun.

But the highlight of Block Party Bash for many guests was the level of guest immersion in the experience. The Green Army Men from “Toy Story” served as the parade’s mission leaders, encouraging guests to join the festivities in dancing and singing to such crowd-pleasing songs as “Celebration” along the parade route.

Disney's Hollywood Studios will début Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! On Jan. 16. The new parade will feature four new characters from the Pixar oeuvre: Remy and Emile from “Ratatouille” (2007) and Carl and Russell from “Up” (2009).  Other Disney-Pixar characters will also appear, including some who were seen at Block Party Bash.

Although exact details are not known, Disney’s new parade will follow the same route down Hollywood Boulevard. It is also expected that Pixar Pal Countdown to Fun! will use some of the floats from Block Party Bash as well as music from Pixar Play Parade, the Disney California Adventure entertainment.


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