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Arnold's Park Open For The Season


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May 19, 2008

Northwest Iowa's only amusement park is open for the summer season.

Arnold's Park Amusement Park opened its doors this weekend, and there were a lot of people who couldn't wait to have some fun.

It's finally arrived. The weekend many people had been anxiously waiting for.

"All winter long," Sam Lammers said. "Every time we drive by."

"I think we're going on every single ride," Paige Summey said.

But the guests of Arnold's Park Amusement Park aren't the only ones excited. The park's manager, Scott Pyle, is thrilled too.

"This, for all of us, my staff and myself, is probably the most exciting part of the year," Pyle said. "You know, we have kind of a long dry spell, where we're kind of just down here doing the monotonous day-to-day tasks it takes to get everything ready for the season. And when we get to this point in the year and we start to see the customers roll in, it really kind of makes it pay off."

There's a couple new additions to the park this year, including refurbished bumper cars and some new go-karts.

Lammers and his kids come nearly every weekend, and sometimes Tuesdays too.

Every year, the park's most popular ride is the Legend Rollercoaster.

Arnold's Park officially opened on Friday with it's customer appreciation night, where guests got in for free.

The park was founded in 1889 by W.B. Arnold.

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