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Disney Holds Rededication Of Epcot's Revamped Spaceship Earth


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March 04, 2008

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Epcot's signature ride was open Tuesday with a whole new look as Disney unveiled the revamped Spaceship Earth.

The Epcot attraction that's quite possibly known around the world has been extensively upgraded. Disney guests who enter Spaceship Earth, which was first opened in 1982, are getting exposed to cutting-edge technology that goes back in time and well into the future.

"We're always looking at our attractions and determining how we can take them to the next level to our guests. How can we do what only Disney can do?" said Jim Hunt, Executive Vice President and CEO of Disney Parks and Resorts.

In November 2005, Disney and Siemens One announced a 12-year alliance in which Siemens will invest tens of millions of dollars to promote and expand its global brand as a technology innovator. The two companies rededicated the ride and officially reopened it Tuesday."

A lot of what we do is so impactful to people's lives in industry, energy and healthcare. We thought it was important for people to know the company behind it," said Ken Cornelius, President and CEO of Siemens One.

About eight million people visit Walt Disney World every year. Reaction to the 13-minute ride and interactive stations is mixed."

[I was most impressed by] what they thought of how the future will be in the next 20-50 years," said park guest Allison Chiger.

"I was expecting more dramatic things," said park guest Bruce Honey.

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