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Six Flags, Inc. Announces New In-Park Network, Six Flags Media Networks

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February 04, 2008

NEW YORK, Feb. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Six Flags, Inc. (NYSE: SIX)
announced today the launch of its new comprehensive media solution, Six
Flags Media Networks. Within this new platform, Six Flags will house all of
its media touch points that go far and beyond that of traditional
advertising. Six Flags Media Networks partner with local, regional and
national advertising capabilities and includes: Six Flags Television, Six
Flags Radio, Six Flags Print, Six Flags Outdoor, Six Flags Outdoor
Spectacular, Six Flags Attraction Integration, Six Flags Experiential
Marketing and Six Flags Online.

Six Flags Television:

Launching in March 2008, Six Flags Television will be the preeminent
interactive outdoor television networks. As guests wait in queue lines,
they will be presented with interactive entertainment and relevant content.
Displayed on 45" plasma TVs, Six Flags Television allows guests to enjoy
seamlessly integrated entertainment and promotions and will contain
Bluetooth technology for instant downloads and exclusive music videos,
text-n-win capabilities and ring tones.

Six Flags Radio:

Six Flags Radio is broadcasted throughout all 21 Six Flags parks and
will broadcast demographically and thematically-targeted content,
commercials and announcements.

Six Flags Print:

Home to the Park Map & Guides and daily schedules, Six Flags Print will
distribute over nine million pieces between April and October. This entity
is one of the most heavily distributed publications during this time

Six Flags Outdoor:

Six Flags Outdoor is the newest in outdoor advertising. This arm of Six
Flags Media Networks will include rotational signage, Cool Media
Interactive Signage with Bluetooth capabilities. These signs are dispersed
throughout each of our parks and will have the capability to illuminate and
mist to cool you off on those hot days.

Six Flags Outdoor Spectacular:

Six Flags Outdoor Spectacular allows advertisers to display marquee
advertising throughout our parks. This includes parking, maingate, ride and
venue entranceway signage as well as in-park promotional displays that give
advertisers in-park real estate to display their products.

Six Flags Attraction Integration:

This arm of Six Flags Media Networks allows advertisers to display
signage on roller coasters, queue lines and water rides. Partners are able
to take advantage of our unique park attractions and integrate them into
their key advertising strategies.

Six Flags Experiential Marketing:

This component provides advertisers the opportunity to engage in
one-on- one interaction with guests. Examples of this form of marketing
throughout its parks include the Wii Experience, a hand-on interactive
gaming station for guest to enjoy their favorite Wii video games.

Six Flags Online: reaches more than 34 million unique users on an annual
basis. As part of the Six Flags Media Networks, advertisers will now have
access to exclusive online promotional offerings, sweepstakes, banner media
and streaming video commercials.

"Six Flags Media Networks now opens the door for Six Flags, Inc. to
provide our guests with an even bigger and better experience when they walk
through our park gates," said Lou Koskovolis, Executive VP, Corporate
Alliance and Sponsorship, "This interactive network also provides a stellar
platform for advertisers to reach a captive audience and promote relevant
products and gives us the opportunity to communicate, educate and entertain
our guests."

About Six Flags, Inc.:

Six Flags, Inc. is the world's largest regional theme park company with
21 parks across the United States, Mexico and Canada. Founded in 1961, Six
Flags has provided world class entertainment for millions of families with
cutting edge, record-shattering roller coasters and appointment programming
with events like the popular Thursday and Sunday Night Concert Series. Now
47 years strong, Six Flags is recognized as the preeminent thrill innovator
while reaching to all demographics - families, teens, tweens and thrill
seekers alike - with themed attractions based on the Looney Tunes
characters, the Justice League of America, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk,
The Wiggles and Thomas the Tank Engine. Six Flags, Inc. is a
publicly-traded corporation (NYSE: SIX) headquartered in New York City.

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