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Theme park aims to roll out new coaster this summer

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January 29, 2008

Silverwood Theme Park located north of Coeur d'Alene will have another roller coaster in its lineup this summer. The new steel roller coaster will become the park's largest, tallest and costliest single attraction ever.

The coaster, recently purchased from Six Flags Great America, is known as a giant inverted boomerang and was made by the Dutch company Vekoma. The park is aiming to have the coaster ready for operation in July 2008.

The coaster is 191 feet tall, almost twice the height of the park's largest roller coaster. It will take riders up a 90-degree vertical incline and drop them 177 feet. The ride reaches speeds of over 65 miles per hour and takes riders through both a roll and a loop.

Silverwood is holding a contest to name the new coaster. Details about the contest, photos and a video of the new ride can be found at

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