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Kennywood Park
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Area in Park:
Type of Attraction: Ride
Extreme Swing Ride

Height Restrictions:
Minimum: 48"
Maybe Scary: N
Motion Sickness: N
Wet: N
Themed: N
FOTL/FastPass: N
Kid Swap: N
Ride Description
The SwingShot is our newest thrill ride. An exciting and wild swing ride unlike any other! Because two sets of 16 seats are positioned back to back, SwingShot offers each rider a front seat! The structure is over 60 feet tall, and its two arms swing to a height of 90 feet. Tremendous acceleration in both directions produce the exhilarating experience of weightlessness as riders catapult towards the sky, quickly reverse direction, and then plummet towards the earth at speeds in excess of 50 mph.

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