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Kennywood Park
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Jack Rabbit

Area in Park:
Type of Attraction: Ride
Classic Wooden Roller Coaster

Height Restrictions:
Minimum: 46" (alone)
Minimum: 36-46 (with adult)
Maybe Scary: N
Motion Sickness: N
Wet: N
Themed: N
FOTL/FastPass: N
Kid Swap: N
Ride Description
The Jack Rabbit has been a Kennywood favorite for young and old since 1921. Designed and built by John Miller on a natural ravine, the Jack Rabbit ia best known for it's 70' double dip drop.
Health Restrictions
GUESTS with conditions such as pregnancy, back, neck or bone problems, cardio‑vascular problems, high blood pressure, recent surgery or other health conditions that could be aggravated by bumping or jarring must exercise discretion in selecting rides.
Guests with Disabilities
Every ride has been carefully evaluated and guests with disabilities should visit the Ride Safety Center in the park for a brief individual assessment to determine what rides are appropriate for them.

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