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Adventures in Imagination
 Chasing Rainbows
 Dolly's Home On Wheels
 Smoky Mountain Wilderness Adventure Tour
Country Fair
 Amazing Flying Elephants
 Busy Bees
 Demolition Derby
 Dizzy Disk
 Lemon Twist
 Lucky Ducky
 Piggy Parade
 Rockin' Roadway
 Shooting Star
 Sky Ride
 Veggie Tales Sideshow Spin
 Waltzing Swinger
 Wonder Wheel
Craftsman's Valley
 Blazing Fury
 Calico Falls Schoolhouse
 Daredevil Falls
 Eagle Mountain Sanctuary
 Mountain Slidewinder
 Robert F. Thomas Chapel
 Tennessee Tornado
Imagination Cinema
 Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs 4D
Owens Farm
 Granny's Garden
 Lil' Pilots Playground
 The Pig Pen
Rivertown Junction
 Smoky Mountain Home
 Smoky Mountain River Rampage
 Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame
The Village
 Dollywood Express
 Village Carousel
Timber Canyon
 Lil' Loggers Landing
 Lumberjack Lifts
 Mystery Mine
Wilderness Pass
 Adventure Mountain
 Camp Teachittoomee
 River Battle

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