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 Camp Bus
 Charlie Brown's Windup
 Cyclone Sam's
 Finnish Fling
 Fjord Fjarlane
 Fury of the Nile
 Grand Prix Raceway
 Head Over Wheels
 Krazy Kars
 Le Carrousel
Le TaxiTour
 Linus's Beetle Bugs
 Peanut's Playhouse
 Peanut's Ponies
 Peanut's Turntyke
 Peanut's Yacht Club
 Pony Promenade
 Red Baron
Sea Dragon
 Snoopy Moon Bounce
 Snoopy Vs. Red Baron
 Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights
 Snoopy's Yacht Club
Spinning Dragons
 The Rock
Timber Wolf
 Viking Voyager
 Wacky Worm
 Woodstock Express
 Woodstock's Airmail
 Worlds of Fun Railroad
Camp Snoopy
 Kite Eating Tree
Planet Snoopy
 Flying Ace Balloon Ride
 Lucy's Tugboat
 Peanut's Road Rally
 Peanuts 500
 Sally's Swing Set
 Snoopy's Junction
 Snoopy's Rocket Express
 Woodstock Whirlybirds

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