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 Alice in Wonderland
 Little Houses
Fest Area
 Alpine Bobsled
 Cannonball Express
 Flea T. Barnums Amazing Flea Circus
 Flying Trapeze
 Giant Wheel
 Little Dragons
 Magical Mystery Tour
 Noah's Ark
 Pirate Ship
 Pony Carts
 Raging River
 Sky Ride
 Turbo Bungy
Ghost Town
 Canyon Blaster
 Freedom Sings
 Marshal Windy Bill McKay
 Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon
 Poland Springs Plunge
 Steamin' Demon
 Balloon Race
 Boomerang Coast to Coaster
 Cinderella Coach
 Elvis, Live!
 Grand Carousel
 Old 99 Trains
 Petting Zoo
 Sassy Sally
 Storytown Train
 Swan Boats
 The Wizard's Un-witting Apprentice
 Thunder Alley

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