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Six Flags Over Texas Makes Room For Something New!

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October 02, 2007

25 Year Old Wildcatter Gets Demolished to Make Room For New Ride

Six Flags Over Texas is preparing for the construction of its new ride, Tony Hawk's Big Spin, for the 2008 season. To do so, the park's 25 year old Wildcatter ride was imploded today, October 2.

Dallas Demolition Company oversaw the implosion of the 128 foot Wildcatter. In a matter of seconds the ride that more than 17 million people have enjoyed was nothing but rubble.

The Wildcatter was designed and constructed specifically for Six Flags Over Texas. It debuted during the 1982 season as the Texas Cliffhanger and was the first time it premiered in any park. In 1995, it was re-themed and renamed the G-Force and in 1999, the entrance of the ride was moved and the name was changed to its current name, "Wildcatter."

Tony Hawk's Big Spin, making its debut on opening day of Six Flags Over Texas 2008 season, will give riders the sensation of freestyle skateboarding as they sit facing one another in 4-person cars all decked out in skateboard motif! Riders will grab some serious airtime as they twist and turn in 360° rotations while grinding through two helixes, wild mouse turns, a camelback and much more on the rails of this 1,351-ft. steel coaster. Costing $6.5 million to build, Tony Hawk's Big Spin is designed to deliver a unique experience for guests each time, because the weight distribution of passengers will determine how each car spins along the track.

Offering a full extreme sports experience, Tony Hawk's Big Spin promises to be a unique, eye-catching addition to the Six Flags Over Texas landscape with the look and feel of a giant red-and-black skate park. Construction of Tony Hawk's Big Spin will begin soon!

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