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Wild West owner will fight charges in shooting

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October 23, 2007

The owner of a Byram theme park where an actor was shot accidentally during a gunfight reenactment more than a year ago doesn't plan to plead guilty to violating a public safety law, his attorney said Monday, according to a report in the Daily Record.

Mike Stabile, the owner of Wild West City, and a manager of the park were charged with violating a public safety law for allegedly not providing adequate training to employees participating in gunfight reenactments using real guns that were supposed to be loaded with blanks. One of those guns, authorities said, was loaded with real bullets that had been brought to the park by one of the actors and accidentally mixed with blanks.

The report said after a scheduled hearing in the case was postponed from Monday to Nov. 5, Evan Nappen, an attorney representing Stabile, said his client didn't do anything wrong and that the theme park had written rules barring anyone from bringing live ammunition onto the property.

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