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'Adventureland' movie moves forward


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September 20, 2007

Things appear to zipping along for "Adventureland," director Greg Mottola's follow-up to "Superbad", in which the native Long Islander forges a coming-of-age comedy inspired by the real-life amusement park in Farmingdale.

Jesse Eisenberg ("The Squid and the Whale") has been cast as the college grad compelled to spend the summer of 1987 working for minimum wage at the eponymous theme park. Ryan Reynolds, ("The Amityville Horror", "The Nines") has signed on to play a wannabe rock-and-roller who is something of an avatar of hipness among the kids working at the park.

Shooting on the film, for which Mottola wrote the script, is scheduled to begin next month -- in Pittsburgh.

This won't be the first time Mottola has used L.I. as grist for his artistic mill. His 1996 directorial debut, "The Daytrippers", is a farce starring Hope Davis as an Island housewife who wants to confront husband Stanley Tucci in Manhattan about a love letter that wasn't addressed to her. The rest of the family, including matriarch Anne Meara, comes along for the ride.

It's available on DVD, in case you're curious about how it turns out.

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