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Disney announces another year of a million dreams

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August 08, 2007

As Walt Disney World moved from the millennial "2000 Celebration" to Walt Disney's birthday "100 Years of Magic" celebration to Disneyland's 50th anniversary "Happiest Celebration on Earth" to this year's "Year of a Million Dreams," it seems the celebrations almost never end.

With four major celebration/promotional campaigns spanning most of the past eight years, the obvious question is: what's next?

How about another year of another million dreams.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has decided to extend its popular "Year of a Million Dreams" promotion through the end of 2008, spokesman Rick Sylvain announced. The program is highlighted by daily, numerous giveaways of prizes, which can be as simple as FASTPASS tickets or seats on parade floats, or as grand as around-the-world vacation packages or a night in Cinderella Castle. All are awarded to randomly selected visitors.

Since the "Year" debuted in October 2006, the campaign has been credited by everyone from local park officials to Walt Disney Co. President Bob Iger with helping drive a strong and steady surge in customers at Disney World's four theme parks over the past year or so.

"This has been a huge success with our guests and our cast members. To date, more than 846,000 dreams have been awarded to our guests at Walt Disney World and at Disneyland," Sylvain said. "We expect to hit a magical one million dreams late next month."

"Because it has so resonated with guests, Year of a Million Dreams has helped drive a strong year for Disney Parks and Resorts," Sylvain said.

Word went out earlier this month to Walt Disney World pass holders.

The campaign has garnered Disney widespread, localized publicity from hometown media whenever someone has been selected for one of the big prizes, such as when an Ohio family won the right to have the Magic Kingdom theme park all to themselves one morning.

There may be new wrinkles coming. Sylvain said he couldn't yet provide details of the next Year of a Million Dreams, but said they had "plans for exciting new awards in 2008."

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