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Valleyfair temporarily closes Power Tower ride after Ky. accident


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June 23, 2007

SHAKOPEE, Minn. (AP) - The Power Tower ride will be open again today as usual at Valleyfair.

Valleyfair temporarily shut down the ride yesterday as a precaution the day after a girl's feet were severed on a similar ride at the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom amusement park.

Valleyfair spokeswoman Rachel Onken says the ride at the Shakopee (SHAHK'-uh-pee) amusement park is similar to the ride at the Louisville park but is manufactured by a different company.

Onken says Valleyfair closed its ride at ten in the morning so the cables could be inspected. It reopened at 2:20 yesterday afternoon.

Onken says Valleyfair workers inspect all rides twice a day -- once before the park opens in the morning and again at midday.

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