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Dollywood ride malfunction traps visitors


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June 17, 2007

One of Dollywood's newest attractions will remain closed indefinitely.

Timber Tower was shut-down this weekend. Officials say a malfunction Saturday night trapped more than three dozen people on the ride at its highest point. They say the safety system engaged while the ride was in motion --- essentially suspending the passengers in mid-air. They were stuck there for several hours, but park officials say no one was hurt.

Timber Tower is now off limits to visitors until third-party inspectors can pin-point the problem. "They are contracted in cases like this to come in and see what might have happened to cause that safety system to engage," said Dollywood Spokesman Pete Owens. "The ride manufacturer is also going to be inspecting the ride to see what caused that to engage."

Owens says Timber Tower will not reopen until the inspectors' reports are complete and Dollywood is satisfied the safety system problem is corrected.

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