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Geauga Lake removes two roller coasters

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April 10, 2007

It's a common summer tradition — spending a good ol' day at the local amusement park.

When guests arrive at Geauga Lake and Wildwater Kingdom in Aurora this summer, however, they will see that two of the 10 roller coasters are gone.

The park has announced that X-Flight and Steel Venom (formerly called Superman — Ultimate Escape) will be removed from the park.

"We believe that these two great roller coasters will be excellent additions to other Cedar Fair amusement parks," said Bryan Edwards, public relations manager for Geauga Lake and Cedar Point, in an e-mail. "In fact, X-Flight is going to be introduced at Kings Island this year."

X-Flight has already been dismantled and taken to its new home near Cincinnati. Kings Island was purchased when Cedar Fair, the owners of Geauga Lake and Cedar Point, bought all the Paramount Parks last May.

X-Flight will become Firehawk, Kings Island's 14th roller coaster. The newly painted red track is currently being rebuilt.

"Guests of Kings Island are very excited about the addition of Firehawk," Edwards said. "Response has been very positive."

X-Flight was Ohio's first and only flying roller coaster when it opened in 2001 during the Six Flags era. It stood right next to state Route 43, its green track jutting into the sky. Once at the top of the lift hill, the train would flip over, forcing riders into a flying-like position.

Steel Venom, which is currently being dismantled, was the first roller coaster of its kind. Its red and blue structure had two spikes poking more than 180 feet into the sky in a U-shaped track. Located near X-Flight, Steel Venom would blast riders 70 mph back and forth between the two spikes.

"Steel Venom is being removed from Geauga Lake and will be put into storage," Edwards said. "It will be reintroduced at another Cedar Fair Entertainment Company amusement park in the future. However, I do not have any additional information on where it will be going or when at this time."

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