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Wild Waves adding million-dollar ride


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April 20, 2011

The Wild Waves amusement park in Federal Way will add a new million-dollar “Cannon Bowl” ride this summer. Park officials said this will be the first new ride at Wild Waves since Zooma Falls was introduced six years ago.

Wild Waves said customers will pick the official name of the new ride. It’s described as an attraction where people are “quickly dropped into a steep chute that swirls the rider(s) into multiple high speed revolutions around the outer perimeter, and then gradually decelerates riders towards the patented corkscrew exit at the bowl’s center. The ... ride ends safely in a splash pool below.” Here’s a link to a preview of the ride.

The theme park sits on 67 acres and features more than 60 rides, water slides and wave pools. It will open on May 14 and close on Sept. 11. It’s managed by Jeff Stock, who owned and operated the park between 1991 and 2000.

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