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Kings Island settles suit alleging coaster injury

Atlanta Journal Constitution

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March 22, 2011

A final lawsuit has been settled against Kings Island amusement park nearly five years after its Son of Beast wooden rollercoaster ride injured more than two dozen people.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the suit was settled Monday, averting a trial that was scheduled for this week in Warren County. The newspaper reports that terms were not disclosed.

Injured rider, 20-year-old Jonathan Yanik of Ashland, Ky., had sued the Mason, Ohio, park over a soldier injury. His was the last remaining of five suits brought against the park. Three others were settled, and a fourth ended with a judgment of about $76,000 in compensatory damages against the park followed by a settlement.

The rollercoaster has been closed on-and-off since it opened in 2000. It most recently has been closed since 2009, when a woman said a blood vessel burst in her brain while she was riding.


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