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SeaWorld's 2nd Manta a bit tamer

Orlando Sentinel

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February 13, 2011

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment plans to build a version of Manta, the popular roller coaster that opened in 2009 at SeaWorld Orlando, at its California marine park.

Like the Orlando attraction, SeaWorld San Diego's Manta will pair the roller coaster with a walk-through aquarium housing rays and other fish. Unlike the Orlando Manta, however, the San Diego version will not be an inverted-flying coaster; it will instead be a launch-style coaster featuring a new-in-the-U.S. ride system.

The San Diego Manta will also be significantly less intense: Its top speed will be 43 mph and its biggest drop will be 54 feet, according to the website, compared with 56 mph and 113 foot on the Orlando ride.

SeaWorld says the San Diego Manta will open in 2012

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