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Anaheim seeks Disneyland monorail extension

Los Angeles Times

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February 03, 2008

Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle has floated a $250-million plan to extend the Disneyland monorail to the proposed transportation hub at Angel Stadium in his recent state of the city speech.

The proposal calls for Disney and other Anaheim businesses to foot the bulk of the bill for the public monorail system — that would serve 2.6 million passengers annually — while the city plans to seek additional transportation funding, reported the Orange County Register’s Sarah Tully.

While Disney officials called the proposal “very interesting” and “exciting,” the theme park giant made no offer to pick up the tab. The Mouse would obviously be interested in any monorail that extended from Disneyland to an envisioned third theme park across Katella Avenue. (I’d settle for a monorail stop inside Disney’s California Adventure.)

Anaheim has a long history of dreamer fever, only to have its fantastic visions crushed on the rocks of reality. The proposed Sportstown entertainment complex at the stadium (complete with an indoor ski park) never got off the ground. The Tinseltown dinner theater (with a Hollywood awards ceremony theme) bowed shortly after its debut. And the city still holds out hope for a replacement NFL team, offering to build a football-only stadium.

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